Photographer, Artist

Iwona Wagner was born and grew up in Warsaw. There, she also obtained a Master’s Degree at the University of Warsaw at the Faculty of Marketing and Management. In her youth, she chose a career in finance, but it was always just a job, and photography has always been a passion – a springboard that gives a respite to the mind. The adventure with field photography takes place from the collection of photos from each trip, the camera has always been a must-have accessory.

In 2011, Iwona Wagner moved to Los Angeles to broaden her knowledge of business and project management. The curricula in American schools gave her valuable knowledge, including life knowledge. She has learned that it is never too late to change careers, and dreams must be turned into goals and pursued. The effect of the new approach is the completion of the Certified Program – PHOTOGRAPHY at UC Los Angeles. The school, apart from technical knowledge, taught her to look at the world around us differently and to see what surrounds us.

Her favorite type of photography is human photography. It is a great satisfaction for her to capture the moments to keep memories forever. In her works, she likes artificial light and colors light with gels. She likes to work in the studio, but she does not limit herself to that only, because working outside gives a lot of possibilities to charmingly combine the existing (natural) light with artificial light.

The artistic soul and life experience gathered in different places of the world make her look on the world through the lens is unique.